Online Golowan Workshops

We asked for people to submit video workshops and we received some lovely films with some great workshops for you to take part in.  Here are the links to them:

Freya Laughton has been using some of her old Golowan volunteer tee shirts to make some baby clothes.

Click on the link below to see Freya’s video showing you how to make a pair of Golowan trousers for a baby.
Make a pair of baby trousers
You might want to take part in this Cornish Dance Workshop with Helen Musser of Penzance Guizers

Why not make a Mini Mazey Day as shown here by Paul Tyreman:

Make a Mini Mazey Day

Here is a video cooking workshop from Lyndsay at Lafafa with a lovely recipe for Iranian Jewelled rice
Also, have a go at making Paella with Katie’s Cornish Hot Pot