Zone 3 – Exhibits from 30 years of Golowan

A display of memorabilia and descriptions of objects from the last 30 years, featuring Penglaz, school parade withy sculptures from past processions, souvenirs, jewellery, community created banners, Golowan Band instruments, posters, past Teaser clothing, costumes, the mock mayor, and the front covers of past programmes.

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Mock Mayor’s Throne

Designed and constructed in 1996 by Julian Greenwood-Penny with the help of Lucy Bray.

The front panel depicts four early Mock Mayors framed by two Christian fish. The figure on the left represents ‘Helga the Hormonal’, in the centre is the first modern Mock Mayor, Simon Uren over ‘Buster the Dog’, and on the right is David White. The two side panels were inspired by the Book of Kells.


Penglaz obby oss created for Mazey Day, 1992-93 by D & J Twomlow.

Penglaz is a contemporary reimagining of an ‘obby oss’ or hobby horse and was first devised and created for Golowan in 1992-93 by David and Julia Twomlow, to take part in the annual Mazey Day celebrations.

The term hobby horse refers to a form of animal costume used around the world in various traditional customs and seasonal celebrations. The earliest reference to a hobby horse in Britain is from the 14th century. In Cornwall, the earliest mention comes from the Cornish miracle play, Bewnans Meriasek, completed in 1504. Hobby horses also appear in parish records across Britain from the 1500s and were widely used to raise funds for the church.

Penglaz is a ‘mast oss’, built with a skull on a pole and a cape covering the head and shoulders of the carrier. The name Penglaz, or ‘Penglaze’ means ‘grey head’.

The original makers performed with this oss on Mazey Day for nearly 20 years.

The Tree

The Tree was created for the ‘Golowan Goes Green’ theme of the Golowan Festival in 2019.

Alverton School were inspired by a design from one of the Year 6 pupils who had won a school competition to design the Mazey image. The Tree was made by pupils with the direction of then Art teacher, Kate Hobin and considers how the beauty of nature can be so easily destroyed.

The Giant Green Frog

The Giant Green Frog was created for the ‘Golowan Goes Green’ theme of the Golowan Festival in 2019.

Nancealverne School were inspired by the topic, ‘Saving the Rainforest’ where the school also created costumes based on creatures from the Amazon rainforest. The red eyed tree frog was made by pupils from the school as a messy and collaborative project and the Frog has been proudly displayed in the school hall since the 2019 Mazey Day parade, for all to see every time they occupy the hall for assemblies, P.E. or lunch.

First Golowan Band staff

“Originally the ‘stick’ was a piece of waste pine with a few bottle tops and some ribbons. But later a curtain pole from my shop was painted and pimped into what it is today. I gave up the role when I moved here to Ibiza some 10 years ago. I was so happy that eventually the part was taken by my son, Tom White, who has developed the role even further.”

Roger White, Golowan band mascot and leader of the Parade.

Freya's Mazey Outfits

‘Giraffe dress'
By Freya Laughton

‘The Silver Dress for 25 years of Golowan’
By Freya Laughton

‘Never Ending Story dress’
By Freya Laughton, 2016

‘The Grass Dress for Golowan goes Green 2019’
By Freya Laughton

The Day of the Dead Model

Made for Golowan 2016 – Neverending story

Mousehole School’s theme this year was The Day of the Dead and our colourful Mexican festival inspired procession was accompanied by a Day of the Dead wedding couple. They were designed and made by Caroline Newborn, David Eddy and team, including the year 6 children.

‘Golowan Goes Green’ 2019

The Giant Panda model was created by St Mary’s C of E Primary School working with artist Amanda Lorens. The children chose this image when the World Wildlife Fund was selected as the school’s chosen charity to support. The charity’s logo is a panda.

The Year 6 children were passionate about being advocates for the environment and bringing this to everyone’s attention.

Collection of Souvenirs

A collection of souvenirs, jewellery, posters, and the front covers of past programmes.

Kindly donated by Terry Sampson.

Golowan Banners

An array of banners made by the community over the last 30yrs.

The Golowan Band

A display of Colours and instruments played throughout the Golowan Festival by the much-loved Golowan Band.

Penglaz’s “Teaser” dress

By Elise Sampson

Banner of St John the Baptist

By Victoria Abbott