Golowan Festival 15 – 24 June 2018

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Volunteering for Golowan 2018

Our wonderful volunteers never let us down, they arrive on time, are helpful to everyone and always have a smile on their face and the festival couldn’t manage without them!  We salute and thank them all!
It’s not too late to volunteer and if you’d like to then call at our Pop up Shop at the top of Market Jew Street to find out more or email golowan@hotmail.co.uk 
Here are some of the roles that you might like to do:
  • Helping to steward the parades on Mazey Day
  • Collecting donations at the Mock Mayor election, the torchlit procession (this year it will be at 10 pm on Mazey Day), the fireworks and throughout the day on Mazey Day and Quay Fair Day
  • Selling merchandise in the Golowan shop on Mazey Day and on the stall on Quay Fair Day
  • Signing in and out collection buckets on Mazey Day
  • Giving out water to those in the parades on Mazey Day
  • Helping set up the parades
  • Selling tickets at events at various venues in town
  • Helping to manage “Kids on the Prom” on Quay Fair Day
  • Putting up and taking down the greenery on Mazey Day
  • Leafleting residents about the road closures before the event
  • Helping in the Golowan pop up shop in the week from 18th – 23rd June
  • Being available to help out wherever it is needed before, during and after the main weekend
  • Doing a little litter picking to help us keep the town looking lovely (bags, grabbers and gloves provided)
  • ‘Meeting and Greeting’ – giving out weekend brochures, advice and directions to festival visitors, especially those at Golowan for the first time and on Mazey Day encouraging people to take a break from Market Jew to explore Chapel Street and Causewayhead
 So, if you can help, contact us at golowan@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01736 369686 (leave a message and we’ll get back  to you)
© Photo John Stedman.

The Golowan Band is recruiting! New members are needed and will be made most welcome! We are looking for brass/woodwind/fiddle players – and the like who are fit enough to march and play and enjoy the fun and cameraderie of being part of this famous band. There is a core repertoire of ten tunes which you will need to learn and rehearsals will be held down at the Barbican every Tuesday for six weeks from 8th May to 12th June at 7.30 p.m. culminating in all the joy and festivities of Mazey Weekend. Obviously the Golowan Festival is our focal point but the band also participates in other vibrant Cornish events such as Lafrowda and Goldsithney Charter Fair. If you are interested and able to join our happy crew please contact Alan Collins on 07484878174. We look forward to hearing from you!