Six Weeks to Go to Mazey

… but Golowan starts at the end of May with the beginning of some community workshops.  Where does the time go?  One minute we’re opening the heavy doors to the festival office – literally blowing the cobwebs away and now the festival’s nearly here.

I’m sure some festivals have lovely offices – maybe carpeted?  With radiators?  And perhaps a drinks vending machine?  Not at Golowan. It’s an old disused warehouse on the prom and we love it.  And we’re glad of the old kettle and electric heater for the winter months but there’s something special about the place.  There’s memorabilia here from Golowans past – old photographs and every programme from its resurrection nearly thirty years ago, giving it a time capsule feel.  And not many festival offices will have our view.  On stormy days the waves can hit hard against the front window.  December and January are the quietest months when some of the planning takes place and the team discusses the theme for the year, the activities we’d like to see happen and who might like to back Golowan with sponsorship.  And as the months tick by the office gets busier with all sorts of visitors talking about health and safety, funding, volunteering, merchandise as well as locals asking about road closures.

Then the deliveries start.  Thousands of bottles of water are dropped off here for children in the processions as well as endless amounts of withies that we then give out to schools for the processions.  One delivery that’s always special is when the first Golowan programme is hand delivered to be signed off.  We’re loving the design for this year’s programme and hope you like it too.  Thanks Freya Laughton for yet another beautiful design.

Hope to see you all soon at Golowan 2017 – All at Sea!