Remember to Blog!

How difficult should it be to remember to post regularly here?!  Very difficult it seems as it is such a long time since we last blogged!  How has our time been spent if not blogging?  Well, just a few things have been going on in the office recently that may have taken up a bit of our time, but where to start?

Do you really want to know what we’ve been doing ?  Okay, here goes –

Preparing the Golowan Festival Programme Brochure has taken up a huge chunk of our time but it’s all done now and you’ll find copies of it at various locations around Penzance town and there’s a link to the programme here on our website.

The website – that’s another thing, it takes ages to keep it updated and to add lots of lovely pictures to it!  But it’s looking quite good now don’t you think and full of useful information.

Lots of energy has been spent on arranging music for our various entertainment sites, including organising acts for the Golowan Community Festival Stage (new for 2019).

Oh, and of course, the street markets are almost set up, just a few spaces left, schools will soon be busy making images for the Mazey Day parades (now they take quite a bit of organising you know) and we’re in the midst of recruiting  100 or so volunteers without whom the festival couldn’t take place.

Must blog more often from now on!