Golowan 2018 – Going plastic free!

Golowan is proud to be working with Plastic Free Penzance/Surfers Against Sewage to take on board the plastic free initiative for this year’s festival.    We can’t do it all at once but we are trying to do as much as possible to help eliminate single-use plastics in the town.

This year we will not be providing plastic bottles of water for the participants in the Mazey Day parades; instead we are asking that children and adults in the parades bring water with them in a reusable water bottle.

South West Water will be supporting this initiative by putting in place a standpipe which will provide a temporary supply of drinking water (probably to be located at the bottom of Market Jew Street) from which parade goers and members of the public can refill their bottles throughout the day.

If you visit one of the public houses located throughout the festival site you may be offered the chance, when buying your drinks, to pay for a reusable drinks container which once purchased will be yours to keep and use again (it will also be your festival souvenir!).  Please support this scheme as it is another step towards making the festival plastic free.

Golowan will not be inviting helium balloon sellers to attend the festival and any that do attempt to trade within the festival boundaries will be politely asked to leave.  We ask members of the public to show their support for the Plastic Free Penzance initiative by not buying helium balloons.

We have requested that our street market traders do not use plastic labelling or plastic bags.  We would hope that shoppers at the markets will have with them a reusable shopping bag so that if offered a plastic bag they will be able to refuse it.

We also want the town to remain as tidy and clean as possible. We ask that you minimize the amount of litter that you generate and that you dispose of it carefully in one of the litter bins that you will see around the site. If you do unfortunately find yourself with plastic or glass rubbish please ensure that you dispose of it in one of the appropriate recycling bins in town.  Alternatively please take your rubbish home with you.

Thank you for helping to make Golowan a Plastic Free Festival!