Friends of Golowan

Become a Friend of Golowan

For more than a week in June every year, Penzance celebrates Golowan, one of the greatest community festivals in the country when the town is alive with one of the best programmes of music, theatre, processions, fireworks and street events that you will ever see. We are grateful to the Friends of Golowan for their generous support.

Golowan is big, attracting people from all over the country, from Europe and the USA.  It’s great for us, our businesses and our community – bringing in over £1m to the local economy. But it costs over £80,000 each year to put in place. That sum is partly met by grants, local businesses and sponsors, and individual donations. You too can help. You can become a Friend of Golowan and help to keep this great Festival going.


Changes to the Friends of Golowan are likely to be made in the near future.  Paul Tyreman and Bill Goodyear and other people with a long-standing involvement with the Golowan Festival in various ways, have been giving some thought over the last year to how the Friends of Golowan organisation can be made into a much stronger – indeed hopefully the main – supporter of the festival.

On the Independent Supporters of the Golowan Festival facebook page Paul writes:

‘One thing we think would be very useful is a greater voice for the Friends – a sounding board for the festival organisers to ensure that the community feels represented in decision making about the festival each year.

We also think that the Friends would benefit from becoming a properly incorporated charity. The advantages of charitable status include improved public recognition and trust, the ability to receive Gift Aid on donations from individuals and the ability to apply for grant funding from sources which only donate to charitable organisations.

We have enough people to act as initial trustees and good advice on improving the draft constitution and we will get moving on submitting an application to the Charity Commission. We thought it would be a good idea to give the charity a different name from Friends of Golowan, to emphasise the fresh start.  Any thoughts on a good name? – let us know. We aim to have the charity set up in time to hold its first AGM shortly before the 2017 festival’.

If you are interested in finding out more or contributing to the discussion about the changes to the Friends of Golowan organisation please message:

Paul Tyreman or Bill Goodyear.’ or post on the Independent Supporters of Golowan facebook page  or contact