Golowan’s Hook

Readers are like fish. Smart fish. Fish who know authors are out to get them, reel them in, and capture them for the rest of their seagoing lives. But, like any self-respecting fish, readers aren’t caught easily. They aren’t about to surrender themselves to the lure of your story unless you’ve presented them with an irresistible hook. – K.M. Weiland

Festival goers – like readers – won’t surrender themselves to the charms of a festival unless there’s something irresistible about it.  Each year 30,000 people take part in the Golowan Festival so there must be something about it that hooks locals and visitors as well.

Last week we were asked for Golowan’s Unique Selling Point (USP).  We are flummoxed and not sure how to answer.  “But it’s Golowan!” doesn’t seem like the ‘right’ answer to give.  But it’s food for thought isn’t it? Golowan is a traditional Cornish festival – but there are many others.   Golowan has processions – others do too.  There’s live music and entertainment, much of it free – but …

Will a marketing company in London want to talk about ‘fairy dust.’ The special bit of magic that makes Golowan sparkle.  Maybe they need to hop on a train and experience Golowan?  And I guess having our own festival Mazey Day Express Train is just one of our USPs.



Golowan – The Never Ending Story

The Golowan Cliffhanger

A recent chapter of Golowan ended on a cliffhanger.  

“Cliffhangers are used in dramas that make the reader (or festival attendees) want to find out more.  There’s a dilemma, revelation or a twist in the turn of events that will keep the audience coming back for more.”

Would the festival be run by a private company? Could it survive the upset? Who would apply to be involved?  There were so many questions towards the end of 2015 that left the future of Golowan up in the air.  The festival (phew) is now back with the community and being run by Golowan Community Interest Company (a not-for-profit organisation.)

Planning is now in full-swing and the CIC promises to deliver this traditional Penzance festival – with no changes to everything we love about it – but as always with a twist here and there to keep it unique each year.

Visit our blog for a weekly update about what’s coming up and spread the word that the festival runs from Friday 17 – Sunday 26th June.



Hey! We are up and running.

Golowan is back with the community and steaming ahead with plans for Golowan – The Never Ending Story. Keep checking the blog for latest news and gossip…and also the events page to see what’s on.